Garanteed after sales service

From its beginnings MCG has always considered customer service to be its principal objective.

MCG provides technical assistance via an experienced, professional team that, with the support of our own manufacturing workshop, ensures effective and speedy assistance in operations on our own seaming machines and the habitual seaming machines of our customers (Somme, Ferrum, Comaco-Manzini, Sima, etc.).

The company has facilities that are specially adapted to efficiently perform all of the process for the manufacture and reconstruction of parts for seaming machines with guaranteed quality conditions, delivery deadlines and costs, depending on the type of operation involved.

As a rule, each operation request is subject to detailed analysis using the information obtained from the machine and that provided by the technicians of each factory in order to correctly identify the cause of problems and the corrective actions required.

Statistics confirm that 80% of all faults are resolved via direct remote intervention using the appropriate information, thus saving costs and avoiding production losses, provided that a minimum of spare parts are available and basic preventive maintenance is carried out.

Despite that, by design, our machines require less maintenance than other seaming machines as they are made entirely from stainless steel and include exclusive oil bath lubrication systems for the machine's critical assemblies; preventive and daily maintenance tasks are still essential so that a seaming machine can offer an optimal service for many years.

To this respect, MCG offers the possibility of establishing contracts for punctual maintenance (pre- and post-campaigns) or schedules that include a personalised plan depending on the country, the number of seaming machines and the models.

In addition, MCG offers you a preventive service, via maintenance contracts, that will help you avoid greater repair costs.

MCG has a permanent stock of the most common parts, and is thus able to supply small parts and toolings, designed to meet your needs.

In case of interest we will direct you to companies of our confidence.

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