MCG, Montajes Conserveros de Galicia S.L , originally a services company, established in 1994, specialising in the design, construction and global marketing of automatic seaming machines for the sealing of irregular and round shaped metallic or mixed containers used in different industries, the current world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic seaming machines for irregular (non-round) containers, with contract-guaranteed speeds for the sealing of common and complex containers, with speeds that are almost double those offered by other manufacturers.

Creators of a modern can seaming machine concept that meets current requirements for modern machines which are directly responsible for one of the most critical processes within the can conserved food process: the seaming of cans.

Design concept and characteristics that guarantee improved seaming on irregular and round cans with current and future container materials in complete safety.

Tangential design seaming machines that reduce the space occupied on the factory floor and the number of operators required per machine. Low maintenance machines that are totally constructed from stainless steel and are the only rectangular can seaming machines that exclusively, and as a standard, include the lubrication of important assemblies in oil baths.

Seaming machines that allow you maximum versatility in your daily production plans, incorporating height changes in just 20 seconds, without the need to readjust the seaming settings, thus permitting multiple productions with the same product during the same day.

Design concept and characteristics that are also present throughout the entire range of round container seaming machines, reaching speeds of 400-450 cpm, offering outstanding features, reliability, "heavy duty" construction, easy adjustment and great versatility.

As a company we are aware of the responsibility of being a global operator and our obligation to guarantee a first class service. For this reason all of our machines have a design that allows and guarantees remote operations, counting also with an expert team of specialised technicians ready to intervene wherever they may be needed.

Obviously, we also supply spare parts for MCG machines and the most habitual consumables, and, not forgetting our origins as a service company, MCG also offers and guarantees efficient technical assistance and the supply of consumables for all of the main brands of seaming machines.


From the beginning, MCG was oriented to the international market. Nowadays, apart from the variety of Spanish customers, we have clients in food canneries and can-makers worldwide.

Spain, Portugal, France, Belgica, England, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritanie, Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Maurice Island, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Salvador, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Ghana, Russia, Irland, Bosnia, Syria.

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