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An R+D+I orientated company with a continuous internal ongoing improvement process focused on solving customer orientated needs , reengineering existing products and services targeting to cater and offer solutions for present and future challenges.

R+D+I developments that have proved that down gauged irregular can bodies can be seamed at more than 300 cpm with product or that it is possible to seam containers with lengths of more than 165 mm and heights not exceeding 23 mm at speeds of more than 250 cpm are just a couple of examples that demonstrate that we are not content with leaving things where they are.

At present, our areas of research, besides those already underway with different Technological Centres, aim to build into our current and future seaming machines a higher degree of self-maintenance and to further explore existing achievements.


Mcg Fispal 2018

We have everything ready for Fispal 2018.
São Paulo from June 26-29, 2018.
Visit ...

MCG is always looking for a continuous improvement in our products and customer assistance.

For that reason we are pleased to introduce our last addition at the after sales department, Mr. ...

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