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MCG, Montajes Conserveros de Galicia S.L , a company established in 1994, specialising in the design, construction and global marketing of automatic seaming machines for the sealing of irregular and round shaped metallic or mixed containers used in different industries, the current world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic seaming machines for irregular (non-round) containers, with contract-guaranteed speeds for the sealing of common and complex containers, with speeds that are almost double those offered by other manufacturers.

Creators of a modern can seaming machine concept responsible for one of the most critical processes within the food canning process: the seamng of the cans.

Design concept and characteristics that guarantee improved seaming of irregular and round cans with current and future materials in complete safety and at the greatest available speed.

A company which is totally orientated to R&D&I with a continuous process to offering solutions for present and future challenges, with MCG helping the sector to advance with its dynamic approach.

MCG - Showing the way, step by step, with actions.


Mcg Fispal 2018

We have everything ready for Fispal 2018.
São Paulo from June 26-29, 2018.
Visit ...

MCG is always looking for a continuous improvement in our products and customer assistance.

For that reason we are pleased to introduce our last addition at the after sales department, Mr. ...

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